Quotes from the classic book, "Christ the Healer"  by F. F. Bosworth

"….Learn to make the promises of God's Word work in their lives."

"Before people can have a steadfast faith for the healing of their body, they must be rid of all uncertainty concerning  God's will in the matter."

"Appropriating faith cannot go beyond  one's knowledge of the revealed will of God. Before  attempting to exercise faith for healing, one needs to know  what the Scriptures plainly teach, that it is just as much  God's will to heal the body as it is to heal the soul."

"Until we know what God's will is, there is nothing on which to base our faith."

"Faith for the appropriation of God's promised blessings is the result of knowing and acting on  God's Word (Romans 10:17). The right mental attitude, or  the "renewed mind" (Romans 12:2), makes steadfast faith  possible to all."

"Until the person seeking healing is sure from God's Word that it is God's will to heal him, he is trying to  reap a harvest where there is no seed planted. It would be  impossible for a farmer to have faith for a harvest before he  was sure the seed had been planted."

""He sent His Word and it healed them" are the words of the Holy Spirit" (Psalm 107:20 Fenton's translation).

"Salvation is by faith-that is, by trusting the known will of God. Being healed is being saved in a physical sense."

"Praying for healing with the faith-destroying words, "if  it be Thy will,' is not planting the "seed"; it is destroying the  seed. "The prayer of faith" that heals the sick is to follow  (not precede) the planting of the "seed" (the Word). Faith  is based on this alone."

"Many, instead of saying, "Pray for me;" should first  say, "Teach me God's Word, so that I can intelligently cooperate   for my recovery."